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By bike from the Hotel Kłodzko


The bike is an excellent solution for those who value mobility, but do not want to lose touch          with the environment. The Kłodzko Valley offers over 260 km of singletrack cycling routes.

Hotel Kłodzko is located in the very center of the junction of bicycle loops:

from the easiest to the most difficult - for families with children and for lovers of mountain adventures. We invite you to an active holiday with family and friends.

From the hotel, you will set off in four directions, covering four bicycle loops:


- Kłodzko loop - 17.3 km

- Łaszczów loop - 17.4 km

- Chwalisław loop (gold loop, two passes loop) - 24 km

- wolf loop (count loop - 7.5 km, rosary hill loop - 7.3) - 22 km


We provide:

  • safe storage of equipment

  • possibility of washing the bike after the "mud trip"

  • access to service tools - "first aid kit for bicycles"

  • access to information about bicycle routes and nearby attractions

  • possibility of ordering meals for active people (easily digestible high-carbohydrate diet)

  • the possibility of preparing provision packages for cyclists

  • possibility of renting bicycles - (after prior telephone reservation)

You can also get the necessary maps from us     and you will receive a lot of interesting information

about planned trips

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