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After-party in the grill hut



After-party is a special second part of the wedding party, where the guests after the first very solemn day should feel at ease and well after getting acquainted with the family and friends of the bride and groom.

So we organize them in the form of a loose barbecue feast in our grill hut with a terrace under umbrellas. The form of using meals as well as their type is conducive to further strengthening of family and friendship ties.

We serve from the hot grate: pork neck, sausages, black pudding, wings; and on the banquet country table we serve bigos, fried dumplings, country spread with chives, low-salt cucumbers - plus a salad bar and you can wash it all down with draft beer.

The cost of re-workshops is PLN 110 / person

and if you wanted a whole roasted pig -

145 PLN / person


Roasted piglet

For a great taste effect, our cook will prepare and serve you roasted piglet, which, accompanied by flaming flares and the sound of a cast-iron bell, will inform all guests about this event.

Lick your fingers!

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