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Konferencja Biznesowa


            Business conferences

  In our hotel, we also have conference rooms fully equipped for training purposes.

The green room in the theater arrangement can accommodate up to 100 people, and in the school arrangement 60 people. It has a sound system and full blackout.

In the fireplace room, we can prepare a theater training for 56 people, at tables for 35.

The cost of renting the room is PLN 100 net / hour, not more than PLN 750 per day;

In addition, at each of the rooms, we can offer you a coffee buffet at a price from PLN 25 / person.

We are at your disposal and we will prepare an offer in line with your expectations, including accommodation and full board

We look forward to your inquiry

Głośnik klucz

Training "in real life"

Often, a different type of training that we can also offer brings better results than listening to the speaker for several hours.

Conducting training on events "live" can bring much better results. Maybe it's worth a try?

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